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11:52 am - 27/10/2014

Crème pour les mains



Byredo has launched a line of hand cremes with there beautiful fragrances. I’m obsessed with hand cream and this one is a new favorite it smells good and leaves the skin silky smooth.

So how has your weekend been? I’ve had a really good family weekend with my boys. Friday I had the worst case of migraine so I had to cancel all my plans and stay at home and just wait it out. But saturday was much better with gym day and a visit to the museum. Saturday night I had dinner with my old girlfriends from preschool. I was really nice to see them all, so much love!

This week is filled with work, since I got promoted friday I have a lot of new stuff to learn, but I’m so excited. The blog will be updated as usual.

Hope you have a nice monday.

11:51 am - 23/10/2014

In the moment…

tumblr_nbxhjhfR1y1qbhipzo1_1280 tumblr_ndglq3TMkW1rsyaepo1_1280




I just love these three pictures. The pointy red sole from Louboutain are just perfect against the asphalt wit the blue jeans. A leather jacket that doesn’t look like a classic biker jacket is something that i want in my wardrobe, I know zara had one but it’s sold out so I’m still looking. Something that inspire me a lot right now is men’s fashion. How can you resist the classic monk strap shoes with a perfectly tailored suit and a crisp white shirt? Thank god that my husband also is into clothes.



10:53 am - 23/10/2014

H&M vs Acne Studios

This beautiful black galactic knit from Acne Studios has been on my wishlist ever since I saw it at for the first time. But when a knit costs like half of  my rent I have to stop and think. And since I already bought myself  the green knit from Acne Studios it feels a bit to much, I have to save up for the upcoming christmas gifts. But When I was surfing around on H&Ms webshop I found this really nice budget option. But my problem now is that I  can’t find it online so I have to look it up in store after work today.
5:11 pm - 22/10/2014



So this week has gone by fast. I have been busy working and taking care of my son so I haven’t really had time to update here. I think you can all understand that. So as I wrote in a previous post I was scared of beeing left alone with all the responsability on my sholders but it has actually worked out really fine just like some of you said it would. Im really greatful for my friend Maria who came over for dinner last night and helped out with Frank. Tomorrow my love will come home and life can go back as normal. And also the blog.

Here is an outfit from saturday. Of course always in my all black and with some touch of red. Really love my new booties from Acne Studios. Also in jeans and tshirt from Gina Tricot, jacket from Mango and sunnies from asos.

9:50 am - 20/10/2014

Monday morning!



Good morning peeps!

I had a really bad night,there was a rain storm outside and I don’t like to sleep when I’m home alone without my husband. But I got through the night. Today my usual happy Monday mood has been replaced with a moody bitch’s. But it’s ok I manage. Hope you guys have had a nice weekend. Yesterday we went to the movies for the first time with Frank. More of that and pics from the playday with his cousin later.

11:58 am - 19/10/2014



Say hello to my new booties. Already worn them a lot and love them, there just perfect.

5:57 am - 19/10/2014



Usually we spend our saturdays at the gym and in the park but we had a lot of stuff to get done like laundry, shopping, visit to the hairdresser and cleaning the home. So there was no time to work out. But we still had a lovely day. We had lunch at this new diner restaurant in our local mall. Burgers and milkshake yummy. Really nice way to start of the weekend. Today me and Frank are going to the movies with his uncle and cousin. It’s gonna be his first visit to the movies, so exiting. Hope you’re all having a nice weekend.

11:30 am - 17/10/2014




It didn’t work out with the house we looked out it went way over our budget, but actually it is fine. It’s of course scary to move from a rented apartment into your own house so were still on the hunt for the perfect living. In the mean time I want to redecorate. A beni ourain rug is on my wishlist for the bedroom and this lookalike budget carpet from Ellos is a strong candidate. I saw that even Zara home had a nice option. I’m dreaming of a big dining room with a long table and these danish Wagner chairs. I hope that we can celebrate our next Christmas in a bigger apartment so that I can invite my whole family. In my wardrobe I’m missing an oversize black turtle neck knit  and this one from uniqlo in cashmere is a strong candidate. High waisted jeans like Barbara Martello is something that I always loved. I always wore them before but after my pregnancy I didn’t feel so comfy in them but now I feel ready to go back again. The ones in the pic are from Saint Laurent but I know that weekday stores has really good budget options. Last but not least the Balenciaga bag… what a dream.

9:27 pm - 16/10/2014




A pic from our christmas eve last year.

9:22 pm - 16/10/2014

Night thoughts of a mother…



I just put my baby to sleep and finally have some alone time. My husband is working late tonight so I got the couch and tv all to myself. Next week he is going on a business trip to Germany for a couple of days and I am left alone with our son. I feel scared. Is that normal? I don’t really know what I am scared of it’s just that I don’t like to be without him. We are so used of always being with one another all the time I mean we’ve been stuck with each other for the past seven years soon. All the small things that has to work in an everyday life of a family such as cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping now only rely on me myself and I and I think that’s what scary. Taking care of my son is of course always my main priority but what happens if he gets bored of me and misses his father? Will I really be enough for him? My head is spinning and I just felt like sharing some of my mother thoughts of the moments with you guys. But I know that in the end I will make it and on friday next week when my love is back I hope I feel like a better and stronger mother.

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